The Single Shareholder Company as An Invenstment Option

The new Turkish Commercial Code No. 6102 introduces “one-man company” that has been regulated from EU law to Turkish law. A single-shareholder company gives the opportunity for the owner of an enterprise who wants to convert its single ownership to a new       legal type of limited liability company, i.e., for a Joint Stock Company (A.Ş.)or Limited Liabilirty Company (L.Ş.) to incorporate one-man company. If an association, foundation, even an university wishes to incorporate a company, it might be the single partner or shareholder of such a company. When an  Joint Stock Company  or a   Limited Liabilirty Company wants to founda vendor related to its own scope of operation, it can establish such vendor on its own through a new company. For instance, if a company that manufactures pumps wants to incorporate a company that produces generators for pumps, it would no longer have to engage a new partner unnecessarily.  In summery, companies that wish to invest in Turkey can make their investments directly as a single shareholder or partner by themselves as a result of the new Turkish Commercial Code.

-Karsaz Law-